The Bridge is a non-denominational church and has been for many years. That means we aren't linked with any particular denomination. But that doesn't tell us very much, does it? It is probably most helpful to focus on the central commitment of The Bridge, which is for it to be a Christian church. This is not to say something contrary to what other churches say, including denominational churches. But what do we mean by "Christian"? Christian means simply to be related to Christ. Central in what we believe are the truths that Jesus Christ came to the human race and that He offered Himself as Savior and Lord. He is our source of forgiveness, our way to a new start, and the only way we can come under the leadership and care of God in our lives. Secondly, we are a church that is focused on teaching the Bible. We believe that the Bible has the answers for life and the afterlife and that we can understand what it says and apply its principles to our lives, even in the twenty-first century. So while we don't have a common label attached to our name, we think you will find our approach to following Christ and understanding the Bible to be refreshing.

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