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    March 14, 2019
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PAID ADVERTISEMENT New Alternative to Adult Diapers and Catheters Sets Men Free Super-comfortable, 'offers 24 hour leak-free security, available to many at little to no out-of-pocket cost! CHICAGO Ifyou're one of wear disposable briefs any the four million American men more, and I am happy to report who secretly wear adult dia that we always have a dry bed pers, or use a catheter to deal and a dry pair of pants. with your urinary inconince For John C Men's Liberty is or weak bladder, here's some a "lifesaver, to associate with others be- Men's Liberty everyday cause you fear loss of control Dr. Femando Borges. "I rec- or fear what others might think ommend Men's Liberty to pa- of you. gocs away." tients with urinary incontinence I think that Liberty is well because of the low incidents of named in that it liberates the trauma crosion, and infection individual to a sense of being able to perform normal tasks in Covered by Medicare Carefree Comfort altemative available t For years, John dealt with only helps keep men dry and urinary incontinence by wear- leak-free for up to 24 consccu- ing an indwelling catheter tive hours, but the best part is, When he discovered Mens if you're covered by Mcdicare, Liberty, his life changed "Il's Medicaid. TriCare, and some allowed me to maintain my seleet insurance plans. you can festy le with my work and my try this higl-tech luid collec- family tion breakthrough at little to no and over 3,000 insurance plans. Curious Sam T in Tucson Compared to paying over $300 anted to see how much liquid a month for diapers, you couled Men's Libcrty would hold. be getting Men's Liberty for can't claim to be an expert lte or no out-of- pocket cost! research analyst." laughs Sa The Men's Liberty Team will "but here is what I leamed. take care of contacting your Sam first filled a fresh Liber- doctor and all the paperwork A Grand Experiment The S7B adhrit diaper inchustry is facing a catastrophic drop ine Death of Diapers? Will ts urnary break t cost ty n with water and learned for your insurance, No over- Invisible Under Clothing through sink e 7 billion gentle. skin-friendly material Many experts think so. Be cal-grade adhesive that soly covered by Medicare, the es- that it securcly held onefu whelming insurance foms. Movics, mcetings and Urinary tract infections cial aflairs are all possible now. (UTIs) are frequently caused Men's Liberty is madc of a adult diaper industry? called hydrocolloid, a medi- stretches and moves with a man timated four million men w cup. On the top of his shelf, it's that casy! Sam found a few pairs of dis- Our cause adult diapers are not with honors from high school L posable briefs with built-in ab- To his surprise, these held a t's why Men's ibertywch may not be helpfal, ac- TIs can cause a secondary in- last weck says the beaming fection, often resuting in hos- use them daily pay as much as wife, applauding Unlike absorbents that cause $300 a month in out of pocket diaper rash, yeast infections, costs. and dematitis, Men's Liberty ttaches to the tip of a man's wore them for years. "I remem anatomy, directing his flow to a ber the continucd moisture During the sizzling ht Ari is recommended by leading na summers, you'l aways ealthcare professiona Tucson resident. Sam T. fin Sam in a pair of cargo saw an ad on the intenct I buy my shorts with a Urologist Alden Cockburn. inch inscam, which is perfect MD. for Men's Liberty."he sys iberty and now recommends Discreet and Unnoticed says Sam. "hat showed some guy wearing these bricfs, walk- has personally tried Men's ing around with a big smile on I thought to my self yca...f I had two cups of urine sloshing around mycrotch, wouldn't It's comfortable, unmotice- a yeast infection, not a good able to others, and secure thing." he says im wore four or five abso It's this trusted sense of se- Sa curity that assistant registcred bents during the day, and two nurse and caregiver. Mark Na- or three at night. "All of that gle, NAR, calls, "wond ent away whenI found Men's I tried it myself during one The drain nozzle is hidden of the testing phases and it's right above the hemline. So, I very comfortable: certainly can stand at the urinal, like oth more comfortable than the al- be smiling. and I would sure be Long-haul trck drivers like Wayne J rely on Mens Liberty Doctor-Recommended It doesn't cause skin the poucl and no one notices a Itallows men to have thing. In ten seconds I'm good frcedom of movement. Free Week's Supply tation, and my patients never can wear Men's Liberty have to worry about red spots for 24 hours with minimal in- Get 1 think Liberty is a good Men's Liberty doesn't leak and sure won't cause fun- call 1-800-484-4669 or vis- com to get started today. Get a More than 4 million Men's first orderl Just mention code Managing urinary inconti- name beause does afford that was not afforded to them When you feel in control of Dr. Cockburn, you fecl more without the fear Yow cowldll he h i on which wsyou previously wanted to by The fecling of not wanting doesn't ternuption." says Sam. "even nence in a medical setting can men ul be c Four Million Used! before Liberty units have been used. AHDO304 to reccive this spe- with ZERO attributable UTIs cial offer. The most degrading thing that my husband can tnk of is heing in a adlaper sns a J "Men's Liberty to the rescwe We attendled owr grwatdaughters gradnaion ire comfort and to accomplish tasks that or scrious skin injuries. That comes as no surprise a single phone call. With Men's to the thousands of healtheare Liberty, you are ree to go.. professionals who recommend anytime, any where.