The Illinois Satsang Society is the official Eckankar organization in the state of Illinois. It is registered with the state of Illinois as a chartered affiliate of Eckankar, Minneapolis, MN. It brings the ECK teachings to the state of Illinois through ECK centers and events. Eckankar is a spiritual religion for individuals in modern times. It offers answers to questions about spiritual experiences and provides a framework for exploring one's own spiritual experiences. Eckankar is a spiritual path that shows people how to live, give, and love to their highest potential. To learn to love as God loves. Ever had a spiritual experience and wondered, was this experience real? What does it mean? And: how can I have more experiences of the Divine? Eckankar offers methods and answers. The teachings provide a framework for people to explore their own spiritual experiences, which may include out-of-body adventures, near death experiences, prophetic dreams, dreams with a departed loved one, past life memories, Soul Travel, déjà vu, seeing an inner light, or hearing an inner sound.

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