Priorities: Promote efficient city government services and spend taxpayer money wisely Protect the City of Naperville's brand and reputation as safe and family friendly Support public safety for all citizens and businesses Listen to all sides to encourage sustainable growth and development Lead and guide Naperville to a brighter future Work together with other leaders and stakeholders to get things done Local government affects residents directly, and it is critical to elect officials who will best represent you and spend your tax dollars wisely. Paul Leong has been serving as a Naperville CUSD D203 School Board Member for four years, and he has been working hard for all of the residents and students of Naperville. Experienced, proven Leadership: Paul Leong has been an elected Naperville officeholder and has served for four years. Financial Responsibility: Paul Leong has retired the District 203 debt to the minimum allowed (saving millions in interest payments), abated the D203 Debt Levy for three years (more than $2 million per year), lowered the General Levy by $2 million permanently (first time in Naperville history), and approved a tax reimbursement for property owners (residential and business) of $10 million. These decisions have resulted in savings to the taxpayer of more than $30 million. He will leave Naperville D203 with a healthy surplus. Record of Achievement: While cutting property taxes, the academic performance of Naperville D203 has continued to be outstanding, with the most exemplary schools for any district in the state of Illinois. Diversity and Inclusion: Paul Leong was the first Chinese American to be elected to any office in Naperville. He approved the appointment of Naperville District 203's first Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and serves on the executive committee of Art of Inclusion whose street art proclaims "Naperville Together".

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