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AccuQuest is a chain of hearing centers offering top-quality audiology services to patients who have lost or partially lost their hearing.

We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of audiology because accurate hearing can profoundly impact quality of life. Our goal is to be the premier audiology and hearing health care provider in the country. We strive to meet every need that comes through our doors by offering exceptional patient care and state-of-the-art technology coupled with the ability to provide our patients with the largest selection of products to choose from.

The biggest AccuQuest advantage falls within our patient care and extensive product line. Unlike other hearing aid clinics, we offer the widest range of hearing devices from all manufacturers, making us the largest privately held hearing aid distributor in the country. At AccuQuest, you not only receive state-of-the-art technology and superior patient care, you also get to choose from the largest selection of hearing devices.

We dispense hearing aid solutions that are customized specific to each patients’ unique needs, lifestyle and budget. We’re confident you’ll feel the difference as you walk into one of our offices. We’ve designed our patient care experience around how we would like our own loved ones to be treated. This is natural for us, since every member of the core management team, including the founders, have either experienced hearing loss personally or have a loved one with hearing loss. It’s so exciting to be able to help our own families, and even furthermore gratifying to be able to help yours!

Our patient care coordinators are friendly and courteous and our practitioners are skilled and caring. We are vigilant about training. At least twice a year we require every practitioner in our network to receive training from certified trainers in addition to meeting licensure-board annual requirements. Our corporate personnel is dedicated to monitoring, coaching and training our entire staff of audiologists* and hearing aid specialists, not only on issues relating to hearing loss, but also testing and fitting techniques, the latest technological improvements and methodologies for improving hearing aid performance.