As we all know, sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. If the unexpected happens to you or a family member, are you prepared to cover the costs that typical medical insurance does not pay? Most people assume that their health insurance will cover the cost of ground and air ambulance services. This is a myth! Unfortunately, most people are shocked to receive exorbitant medical bills after-the-fact. What awaits them are bureaucratic nightmares to get their bills paid. Even worse, family members are often left to handle the financial liabilities of their loved ones by themselves because they don't know where or how to get help.

Introducing MASA Medical Transport Solutions (MASA MTS). We are a company that provides you HELP with medical transport arrangements and our membership eliminates the high medical transportation costs that most insurance policies do not cover 100%. Membership Benefits cover you at home and when traveling for work or pleasure.