Burton “Sarge” Showers Scholarship Mr. Showers is a World War II veteran who became a history teacher at Palatine High School after the war was over. When the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial Earth satellite, Mr. Showers developed and taught the first Russian history course at Palatine High School. As his career at Palatine High School continued, he became the Social Studies Department Chair and Activity Director. He became quite involved with the Student Council not only at Palatine High School but throughout the State of Illinois. In 1963, he moved to District 214 where he continued his career in education as an administrator. Upon his retirement in 1983, he became very involved in genealogical and patriotic societies. The Burton “Sarge” Showers Scholarship will be awarded to a Palatine High School senior. A former student of Mr. Showers, Edward “Eddie” Rogan, and the Rogan Family are funding the scholarship in honor of Mr. Showers and in memory of Ed Rogan, Sr. and Olga Rogan. Source: d211 Foundation

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